Day 64

(No sensory summary as I’m writing this post far behind.)

Guess who used to think that spin class is a silly idea because why would you bike indoors to loud music when you could just ride a bike? And guess who started the morning with spin class? That would be me. What can I say, I really miss going on bike rides, and I love to start my morning with some sweaty pain. Especially shared sweaty pain. I love how this class is “Coach by Color,” meaning that one aims to be in certain levels of exertion assigned color levels (white, blue, green, yellow, red is ascending order of difficulty). I’m surprised at how much less than others I’m required to work in order to be in those zones– maybe because of my size, or maybe because I don’t frequently do intense cardio?

I went for a latte and a mushroom and herb pastry at Alchemy and blazed through some work for an hour before headed to my first counseling consultation. That was brief enough, just a half-hour to talk about my needs for and history with therapy.

English lecture was next. This was the first class with the new lecturer, an Englishman, and it’s been interesting with him. Yesterday he told us that he’d been teaching at UCC for fifteen years but that he just came back from a long sick leave. He seemed a little scattered but of course I understood that if the sick leave was that long, he was bound to be so for his first lecture back. Today he told us he had been in a coma for multiple years, from an illness or injury with a 0% survival rate. Because he was on so many medications, his lexical skill was a little foggy and he had to excuse himself in the middle to use the loo. Everyone seems (despite their usual silence) not to mind any of his scatteredness, as it’s pretty endearing and he really knows his stuff and the fact that he’s there is amazing.

There was no one in my next lecture, so I quickly composed an email to one of its lecturers to ask what the heck was up.

I spent some serious chilling time in my room before heading up the hill to jazz rehearsal. I was the only person besides one of the other pianist-vocalists to show up, and it looked like the rehearsal time was to turn into a private tutoring session for her since she was rather inexperienced in jazz. And Tucker, the teacher, spent a very long time showing us a real book app on his phone. I felt a little disappointed at first, but it made a turn for the better. I got to chat a little with the drummer/bassist that comes to classes to add support. Once we started playing together, I got to do a little improv. Tucker gave me a simple requirement– use the first and third of the pentatonic scale. And he and the rhythm musician really liked it. Once class was over, both of them told me I sounded really nice, and I was floating, but I cooly thanked them.

I had planned to make okonomiyaki for Laura and my roommates Faustine and Julia, but I realized I did not have enough time or energy to host. But I did get to FaceTime with the lovely Katie and I got to talk to Brian as well. I went to bed with a brain well-infused with dopamine.




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