Day 65

I don’t want to write too much about this day because it wasn’t a very pleasant one, but it’s still worth talking about and remembering.

It was spent in extreme anxiety about my upcoming trip. I hardly ate anything and didn’t go to class until the late afternoon. I don’t feel too bad about skipping class though, as one of them clearly wasn’t happening, and the other one was easy enough to catch up with online. And I admit I enjoyed having a day to stay in bundled up in blankets and study and watch Community.

I tried to talk to my mom, but the internet wouldn’t let us, so we texted and it got my nerves under control. However the few minutes I heard her voice did soothe me. Texting with Brian and Nehuen also helped a lot. So around 3pm, I started making some soup and headed to my final lecture of the day. And I was right not to worry about missing the lecture for that class earlier that morning– I believe we picked up right where we’d left off last Thursday.

So I bought some snacks, took some cash out, and headed back to finish the soba noodle soup I had started. It was ugly to look at, but tasty, and I needed at badly. I ended up eating a second serving, because I was starving, and a third, because I found it unfair to use too much of my roommates’ precious fridge space over the weekend during my absence.

I Skyped with Brian while packing up until the minute I had to leave. It really did help to have someone (especially him) there so I didn’t feel so alone. Then I walked to the bus stop looking all east-coast American all bundled up in my Capitals toque and my Harvard gloves (what can I say, not moving all day really makes you cold), was soothed by the calm Thursday nighttime reflecting off the flat River Lee, and boarded the Aircoach.




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