Day 68

Feeling: travel motion-sick, hella lower-body cramps, icy cold air on my hands
Smelling: coffee
Tasting: fresh-squeezed orange juice, a panino tonno that tasted like my childhood
Hearing: thunderstorm, crying babies and screaming toddlers
Seeing: debris flowing in the Arno, new dents and dings on my silver suitcase

I’ll try to give you the quick and dirty of this travel day.

Woke up and went to get coffee and pastry with Corrina near the train station (one of her favorite buildings in Italy), which involved coffee for neither of us, but orange juice squeezed fresh on spot. I opted for a savory brekkie of a tuna panino, and the combination of the kind of bread it was on and the canned tuna just reminded me so much of something I would eat (and fail to finish) as a young one.

Got on the train after a bit of fumbling looking for it, hugged Corrina goodbye, and got on board I actually got an empty window seat with no one next to me, score. Arrived at Bologna Centrale. Tried to buy my ticket on the bus like I did for the way there, but the driver told me I needed to buy it ahead of time. Ticket machines out of order, went to ticket office, got the wrong ticket, went back and exchanged it for the right one. Had plenty of awkward language misunderstandings.

Got to the airport, went through security, waited around for a couple of hours. It’s a small but neat airport. Had a somewhat turbulent flight with some parts that actually felt like a rollercoaster and left me giggly.

Got out at Frankfurt, went through security, got a latte and pretzel because how could I pass up a pretzel in Germany even though I was getting kinda tired of bread at this point. Wrote and wrote and wrote these posts. Got a salad and water. Boarded to go to Dublin.

This is when the flying hit a slight hitch. The flight was at full capacity, and my carry-on was made to be checked. And I don’t know if I knew this when I booked online, but I was in a seat that was behind a flight attendant’s seat, which gave me nowhere to stow my back pack during takeoff and landing except in the overhead. So I hunkered in with my music in my earbuds and tried to wait out the crying baby. For the whole flight. At least I saw my bag as soon as I went to baggage claim.

Got onto the Aircoach as the only initial passenger, but after going to the next stop just a few metres down the road it had to stop for technical issues. We got on a new bus and the driver kindly carrying my suitcase over to it. And now I am here writing these posts.


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