CaffiNative #6: Hassett’s Bakery

there are multiple locations of hassett’s, and on the corner of washington street and grand parade is hassett’s bakery.

the glug: typical espresso drinks, plus some damn good hot chocolate. good seasonal drinks.

the grub: some really delectable-looking crème brulées, some famous biscuits (jelly stars!), breakfast including american pancakes and french toast

the sounds: i’m not actually sure because i think they turned off the music by the time i got in

the aesthetic: white walls and tables, cozy nooks, fancy chalkboards

the vessels: some pretty nice takeaway cups (printed with the logo and everything), mason jar mugs, white ceramic plates, sleek metal cutlery

the baristas: incredibly kind. i walked in 20 minutes before closing time (as i had mistaken the hours) and when i was about to walk out with a “oh i’ll come back another day” the she insisted that i could definitely get a hot chocolate as long as i was ok with a takeaway cup. and she let me get a discount since it was in a takeaway.

the clientele: to be determined when i go back during busier hours.

accept card: yes i think so

the weaknesses and the strengths to be determined when i go back.


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