Day 69

Feeling: ache in my right arm, cramps, very cold
Tasting: a too-sour soup
Smelling: the familiar smokiness outside a bar on my street
Hearing: Brian’s and my mom’s voices
Seeing: the inside of a lecture hall, the inside of a new coffeeshop

It wasn’t a great day for how I felt. I was really burnt-out, waking up at 9 a.m. (late for me), my head in a fog until the early evening. Luckily I only had one class left that day and it was in the afternoon.

I had some tea, some soup, and a long FaceTime with my mom. I was cold as heck, so I went out later to try a new coffeeshop, Hassett’s Bakery. I mistook the closing time and went in rather late, but the twenty minutes I had to sip my hot chocolate were Heaven. On my way there I ran into Laura, who had just come back from being stranded at Heathrow.



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