Day 70

Tasting: chocolate oatmeal with pomegranate arils, very strong black tea
Smelling: pumpkin pie baking
Hearing: my English English professor’s voice, the MIDI tuning fork on Noteflight
Feeling: very tired, heaviness after waking from a deep nap, a nice stretch
Seeing: the election coverage on my phone screens and tube TV screens

I started the day with pilates, which was very much needed to loosen up my travel-tight joints and muscles. A much-needed shower followed, but the weather decided that it would extend it for me on my way to class– how kind. Class was actually not happening, which I remembered as I got to the empty classroom, but that was okay– it took me on the way to the music building.

I had a little bit of practice, got bored, and started putting my “Sweet Dreams, TN” arrangement on Noteflight. I had some lunch and started feeling incredibly sluggish, so I crawled back to my apartment and into bed for a serious nap. By the time I woke up, the rain was pouring down hard, and I was very tempted to not go to English lecture. But go I did, even if I went to the wrong class at first.

I bought some ingredients for a pumpkin pie, edited Faustine’s paper, then baked the pumpkin pie with the roasted and mashed pumpkin. Once finished, I brought it by Apartment Eight (Laura had expressed a desire for cake but was excited by pumpkin pie), where it received much praise. I then brought it to Apartment Five, where Katie was celebrating her birthday and the pie was appreciated again.

Then we had an election party which was mostly people sleeping on the floor and then I stayeed up til 5 a.m.


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