Sweet Review #9: Cadbury Dairy Milk

There are some sweets that don’t seem that distinctive at first. Just good ol’ milk chocolate bars with some fillings. But those bars can be some of the strongest indicators of taste in a country, which is why I used Halloween to go on a Cadbury Dairy Milk tasting spree.

Ranking from favorite to least:

Nuts & Chocolate: my favorite. I enjoy the combination of nuts and/or berries with chocolate, but i wasn’t exactly expecting it to be my favorite. I guess it’s because I had low expectations for the quality of chocolate in general, and I thought that the chocolate that goes with nuts & chocolate has to be The Finest Quality, but I guess my preconceived notions were in vain.

Golden Crisp: Laura’s favorite. It was really satisfying because of the crunch and the caramel flavor, but the sweetness was a little overwhelming for me.

Caramello: a decent milk chocolate filled with decent milk caramel. Recommended to any caramel-lovers.

Mint Crisp: I liked this a lot because it has the intensity of flavor and crunchiness of Golden Crisp, but not a cloyingly sweet because of the mint cutting through it. Still, I’m a bigger fan of dark chocolate with mint.

Jelly Popping Candy “Marvellous Creations”: this was a weird experience. There were chewy bits and there were bits that were like M&M’s, and the whole thing was a weird and uneven and chewy experience. Could definitely do without.

Turkish: honestly forgettable, basically a sweet chew covered in chocolate. Didn’t taste like the Turkish Delight I had eaten in the past, but I imagine that “Turkish” isn’t the same thing.

Tiffin: this was like a weird combination of various flavors of the other things I tried. Raisins like from Fruit & Nut, and crunch caramel bits like from Golden Crisp. The result was confusingly dissatisfying.

There are lots of more Cadbury flavors to be tried, but I believe this is a good introduction to the standard small bar that I can pick up in Centra. Looks like I can conclude that Irishmen don’t love their nuts, and they love their chewy sweets.



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