Day 72

Tasting: dark chocolate pancakes with crème chantilly, “rhubard custard” bar
Feeling: irritable, tired eyes, hungry
Seeing: the sun reflect off the wet sidewalk
Smelling: Brussels sprouts that are a little past their prime (but still tasty)
Hearing: The Two Towers, Spanish reality TV

I wasn’t in a great mood today, but it was better than yesterday. I got a good night’s sleep, made it to my lecture and then a meeting with my professor (I somehow managed to go back to my apartment to get my hiking sneakers in time), and then a rather boring but of course exhausting spin class. I made some pancakes for a midday meal because I love myself and I’m showing you a picture because I love you.


I made chips and Brussels sprouts in the oven for dinner in Apartment Eight, where we watched The Two Towers. I decided not to go to the rugby match because the transportation would leave me with about 45 minutes to watch the game before the last bus, so Laura and I will travel to the meditation retreat together tomorrow.


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