Day 76

Seeing: the pale sunset spread across the sky and over the reflection in the River Lee
Smelling: plasticky gym mat smell
Feeling: the weight of barbells and plates, heart racing
Hearing: cars that sound really loud, a coffeeshop while sitting next to the machines
Tasting: a toasty with red onions, sweet Filipino spaghetti

I woke up at 6 with bad dreams so that wasn’t a great start to the day. I had some small breakfasts, then went back to sleep and woke up again at 9. I did a leg day at the gym and felt very strong for much of it but after my last set, my legs just gave up on being legs.

After showering, I went to Alchemy for a white coffee (still not sure what that is) and a veggie sandwich. I sat in there for what I think was two hours, but time was meaningless. I read a paper that my drama teacher gave me on the performativity of food and blazed through all 26 pages.

I went to the practice room for a bit, then came back and made and chowed down on spaghetti while talking to Brian.


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