Day 77

Tasting: spicy Vietnamese prawns, “One Sweet World” ice cream
Hearing: a choir learning Christmas Carols
Feeling: warm and balmy weather, very cold below the waist
Seeing: orange and yellow leaves, my classmates one-minute self-portrait videos
Smelling: ginger tea

I woke up at half four with a bad dream, and couldn’t go back to sleep, so that kind of set my mood for the day. But I went to pilates, which felt nice, then showered and went to Drama. I got there early so I could sit alone in the classroom and read the New York Times and eat leftover spaghetti without anyone having to see. One of my other classmates also arrived early and seemed very interested in what I was reading (he started reading over my shoulder), but I didn’t have the guts to tell him I was reading about Drumpf.

The presentations, and the entire class, went on way too long for my liking. But I got complimented by one of my classmates for my outfit, and I returned it ’cause his was awesome too. So I guess sitting through those full two hours was worth it.

I went to the music building to practice, but only got about half an hour because I was really not feeling great about it. So I went back to my place, watched an episode of Community and had some toast, then went grocery shopping. I missed my English class but I didn’t really care about that.

I settled into my desk and did some food science studying, then Brian got on Discord and worked on a sax arrangement of “Take Me to Church” and we worked side-by-side until I decided to go to choir.

I hadn’t been to any rehearsals before, so I didn’t know what I’d be walking into, but they were just starting to learn some Christmas carols so I guess it was a good time to join. They’re having an extra rehearsal this Thursday so I guess I’ll hop onto that one too. And even if I don’t make any Irish friends out of the huge mass of students there this semester, goddam does it feel good to sing in choir again.

I waited for the food I’d ordered outside the apartment. Laura and I chowed down in her apartment (and I washed down the spice with two glasses of soymilk and lots of mint ice cream) with the intention of watching Lord of the Rings, but that never really happened. I just went back to my bed and passed out.


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