Day 78

Feeling: very full, itch on my right shin
Hearing: retro French pop, the first-year jazz ensemble playing “Cry Me A River”
Tasting: the almondy taste of Swiss roll cake, a mushroom and cheddar sandwich on brown bread
Smelling: the kitchen after making omurice and baking a blackberry crumble pie
Seeing: a young child playing with her hurley and ball in the street

I knew that this morning had to be a relaxed one, and this day would have to be one in which I wasn’t hard on myself. I made a blackberry crumble pie for the potluck that night and listened to my first episodes of the Penumbra podcast.

English class hardly had any students in it, it seemed, which was a little concerning since I was considering skipping and it looks like there would have barely been anyone there anyway.

I sat myself down in the student centre for a couple hours to read those NYT articles I’d had open for a while and plan out my Bristol trip. I’m very pleased that my hotel is near so many places I want to see. And I’m feeling really excited.

Apartment Eight was having that potluck, so I brought my pie and filled up on delicious pizza, pasta salad, veggies, and desserts. Then I curled up in bed.


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