Sweet Review #10: One Sweet World


Fun fact: the cows on Ben & Jerry’s cartons are the Holstein breed, which produces more fat than any other dairy cattle. I don’t know how fun that was for you, but it was an observation that made slogging through my food science study a little more interesting.

I’m a little bummed about missing all the limited-edition flavors of snack foods back in the States, but there are some exclusive to Ireland! Or all of Europe? I dunno, I’m not gonna do too much research. So of course I must write about them. I already had back when I was very vulnerable to the Irish viruses and could hardly eat anything that wasn’t a hot liquid or an ice cream: Cookie Dough S’wich Up. In a nutshell: very sweet and I don’t even love cookie dough or cookies & cream ice cream, but it filled the gaping hole in my heart left by being sick for weeks.

One Sweet World is one of their flavors that helps fund a charity, this one being Interpeace– a peacebuilding organization, as the name suggests. The name sounded suspiciously like Greenpeace, but the Wikipedia page for Interpeace doesn’t have sections devoted to “Criticism” and “Reactions and responses” so I’m guessing they haven’t done anything too sketchy.

Those ampersands are pretty cute. Not as cute as the fish in Phish food, of course.

Another fun fact: when you add enough sugar to an ice cream, you don’t have to worry about it freezing too hard. This is because supersaturating the water in the ice cream with solutes lowers the freezing point so that it never really gets completely solid. Maybe this is why the ice cream was so soft when I took it out of the freezer?

It does indeed taste very sugary. Specifically, the caramel. It hits you hard with a very warm brown sugar aroma in your nose and the coffee is more of an aftertaste. I’m a sucker for coffee ice cream, so that definitely won me over. But seeing as there’s ample caramel swirl, they could have eased up on the caramel/brown sugar flavor in the ice cream.

I was a little confused because in the pornographically long flavor description at the bottom of the carton front, my mind mixed stuff up to make me think that it listed “salted caramel blondie” as a mix-in. Not finding any, I dug through the half-liter and found a chunk that turned out to just be ice before realizing that I had misread. Maybe that would have been a little too much caramel anyway.

The marshmallow and fudge figures are welcome of course, since Phish Food was my gateway drug to B&J. Did any of you also try to swallow the ice cream but spit the fish out so you could look at them before eating them? No? Okay, you’re welcome for the ruined appetite. The mallow isn’t too abundant but pairs well with the other swirl, and the fudge has the perfect combination of freezing solid but melting in your mouth.

I ate this ice cream while very hungry and craving sugar, so it took a lot of effort to put it back in the freezer and spoon some fat-free Greek yogurt into my face instead. But upon my second try it was just as hard to exercise self-control. And I kept thinking about it after. So I guess despite the extreme sweetness of the caramel base, the coffee and fudge really carry it. Ireland, Interpeace, Ben, and Jerry, congrats on making an ice cream that I thought about almost as much as my boyfriend back home. Don’t tell him though.


Oh, and as a bonus: they have peanut butter cookie core here (despite nut butters not being immensely popular) but they call it “Utter Peanut Butter Clutter,” which is personally much less annoying than “Peanut ‘Buttah’ Cookie Core.” Because my misophonic ass can’t stand people putting on an egregiously overdone New York accent just to say the word “butter.”


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