Day 79

Tasting: pumpkin pasta, mint mocha
Feeling: blueberries bursting in a short stack of pancakes, feet on the cold ground, insatiable hunger
Seeing: The beginning of the third Lord of the Rings movie, intermittent rain and sun
Smelling: laundry detergent
Hearing: someone in an adjacent practice room playing the same song as me in a different style, soaring LOTR fiddle solo

I got to start my day with an easy morning workout before heading to Café Depeche to do some reading and coffee-drinking. It was much more crowded than usual, but I still left in a good mood. And food quality class wasn’t any more boring than usual.

I worked out some things like my Bank of Ireland ATM situation and printing out my bus ticket to the airport, then went to the practice room for a reasonably solid hour and then some.

Since that class in the morning was now my final class of the day, it was officially the weekend for me and I did not feel like going anywhere (and had a trip planned that weekend). So I started doing laundry, and had a little bit of difficulty with getting a dryer, but had nice dry laundry by bedtime. Which ended up being a lot later than intended.


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