Day 86

Seeing: crowded study rooms in the library
Tasting: salty mac and cheese, burnt granola
Feeling: extreme fatigue in my arm from whipping egg whites, extremely full
Smelling: my pie baking in the oven
Hearing: a crowded room full of Thanksgiving celebrators, my food law lecturer’s slight lisp

I had an odd night of sleep where I kept waking up, but not from any obvious cause like bad dreams or temperatures. So I made myself sleep in as much as possible, of course. And did some bodyweight exercise in preparation for the massive amount of food I was going to eat later that night, of course.

I went to the grocery store to get a few things I would need for my pie filling, and had my final food law lecture of the week. I brought a small lunch to eat afterwards so I wouldn’t have any excuse not to go to the library, and made myself go to the library so I wouldn’t have any excuse not to study. I think I’m finally understanding caseins.

I went back to get started on my pie. The crust was already par-baked, but I had to spread it with jam and make the meringue filling. And since I had neither hand mixer nor stand mixer, those egg whites would have to get whipped by hand. It took about twenty minutes, but I got something with enough structure! And it didn’t even require the recipe’s full baking time. I also made some granola while the oven was still hot, which burnt a little but still tastes good.

Some people said that they saw a lot of kids wearing Christmas garb, and indeed it looked like there were lighting ceremonies all over the British Isles today. I guess it’s also officially Christmastime here, since it’s one month til Christmas Eve?

The feast started around 4 p.m. and before 6, I’d had two heaping plates of food. There was just so much and it was all really good– turkey, bourbon yams, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and stuffing (neither of which I’d really had before), mac and cheese of various kinds, caprese pasta salad, roasted and fresh veggies with hummus, rolls, and salad. And for dessert, besides my pie, there was pecan slab pie, apple pie, chocolate trifle, vanilla ice cream, and some other mystery pastries.

I made my exit early, like others did, as many people were going out that night, and Skyped with Brian and finished the first season of Community. I’m so thankful for this community that has been here for me in my new country.



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