Day 87

Seeing: the crescent moon setting over the Lough
Smelling: buttery grilled cheese, chamomille tea
Hearing: cranberries pop, loud “drunk” Irishmen yelling
Feeling: freezing cold hands, fatigued knees
Tasting: salty okonomiyaki with sweet potatoes

I had a good, semi-productive and relaxed day. I woke up early, I guess unsurprisingly given my early bedtime. And for some reason I was filled with energy and wanted to do a run around the lake. I completed seven laps, almost eight kilometers! Sure, it was a pretty flat and easy run, but I have never run that long without stopping. I would have done more too, since I was waiting for a certain song to come on shuffle in my playlist. But I neglected to wear warm enough gloves and had to go back for fear I would lose feeling in my hands forever. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little.

I went to the library for a bit to do some more dairy studying, and came back to film my project for my Drama class. I will definitely link everyone to it once it’s finished, but just know for now that there was lots of cheese and butter. More than I would ever eat all at once.

I took a nap in preparation for a ska concert that I was planning to see with Laura and her American friend visiting from Greece, Anna, but the concert was 21+ so we decided to see a play instead. It was Kings of the Kilburn High Road, an Irish play set in the 70’s about middle-aged Irish immigrants to England. There was lots of crying and drinking and yelling and emotions; it was the perfect thing to see on a visit to Ireland.


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