Day 88

Tasting: a crème brulée latte
Smelling: fresh-baked boxed chocolate chip cookies
Feeling: hands frozen stiff, caffeine buzz, hangry
Hearing: a recording of my jazz teacher counting out a rhythm, Depeche Mode
Seeing: a crowded Centra back area

Today was a day that I set aside to get work done, and I think I was successful in that. After a small breakfast I went to Café Depeche to caffeinate, warm up, and read more of the York Mystery Plays. The drink that I got was called “crème brulée latte” but it was really just a lukewarm milk espresso drink with vanilla, white chocolate, and caramel. Not like I’m complaining.

I had to practice in the ensemble rehearsal room but I’m glad for it; it’s a little more out of the way from the rest of the rehearsal spaces anyway. I’m just really annoyed that the rehearsal rooms get monopolized on Saturdays. I miss my piano.

I headed straight to the library and did a little more dairy studying while waiting for my raw footage to transfer from my phone to my laptop. I got about an hour and a half of editing before I got very hungry and had to go back to make lunch. Well, it was really a between lunch and dinner meal which I ate continually for the rest of the day.

I chatted with Evangelina for over an hour which put me in a good mood. And I finished editing my video! I’m very excited for it.


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