Day 90

Smelling: the hickory smoke near the loch
Seeing: a cloudy sky darkening the dawn, lights in the city as it goes dark, airy interior of Hassett’s
Feeling: comfortably warm and balmy air
Tasting: sundried tomatoes in a quiche
Hearing: the orchestral soundtrack of Fantastic Beasts, loud German whispering in my ear behind me

I went to sleep looking forward to running, and woke up excited to go. Who am I? Enjoying running? Being able to run for more than twenty minutes and not get bored or too fatigued? I don’t know, but it felt good.

After showering, I had a nice session of more tea, toast, and some meditation and reading. I had initially planned to run some errands, but figured that practicing and studying were better done earlier in the day and that I could do the errands on my way back from the movie I was planning to see later. Both practice and study weren’t too long or intense, but I’m glad to have gotten something done.

Emily and I both happened to be in the library and I was hungry, so we met at the entrance and walked to Hassett’s, where we met one of our mates Alex. The two girls got sandwiches and I got a quiche.

The movie was good, but it really put a damper on my experience that there was a gang of loud German students behind us that would not stop talking throughout the whole time.  But the movie itself was very enjoyable. It didn’t drag despite the long run time, and while there were some problems and weak parts, it was very feel-good. I’m actually pretty excited for what’s to follow.

I picked up some items from Boots (pharmacy) on the way back and spent a bit too much money at the co-op, then ate a hearty dinner of veggie tagine and grilled cheese of basil pesto and mozzarella.


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