Day 91

Tasting: the best gingerbread muffin I’ve ever had, dipped in coffee
Seeing: crowded library study rooms, a Depeche Mode post I’d never seen before
Smelling: floral and fragrant boiled parsnip
Feeling: simultaneous sugar and caffeine rushes, some cold breeze from outside around my legs, soreness in my hands
Hearing: “Misty Mountains” from The Hobbit, a barista’s accent which is either English or West Corkonian

I stayed up a little later last night than I intended, because I’m great at postponing bedtime. So I slept in later than I expected. But I got up and got to Café Depeche to get some caffeine and sugar in me before I made my final presentation for drama class.

I don’t usually buy muffins when I go out to cafés since they tend to be made with shortening, lots of white sugar, and not have any whole grains. Not like I never eat things that fall into those categories (I certainly do)– I just usually save muffins for healthy snacks to bake myself. But I wanted some gingerbread, and I knew there were gingerbread muffins at this café. Now begins the section in which I describe my food experience in great detail:

The gingerbread flavor was perfect, featuring the sharp ginger as the star spice of course but letting warmth from cloves (?) and cinnamon come through as well. The batter was moist without being too greasy, and the top had that perfect-baked consistency that made it great for dipping in my americano. There was an initially unidentified soft spread on the top that I realized was spiced buttercream. And towards the end of my eating it, I discovered that there was a cream filling as well. I asked the barista what bakery they use, and she told me they had their own bakery up the road. I’ll have to do further investigation. (End food description here.)

I was glad to finish my last drama class, and a little disappointed that I was made to go last. Funnily enough, the reason for my going last wasn’t because of my family name from the end of the alphabet but because we just happened to go in sitting-arrangement order in an inward spiral. I was so prepared to answer questions from my classmates by the end of the video, but the professor cut me short. Well, they liked the video a lot and responded very loudly to it, so I guess the best just had to be saved for last.

I forgoed my usual trip up to the practice room in favor of the library. I was determined to take a look at exam questions of past years and then study intensely; I even packed some snacks so I wouldn’t have to get up for lunch. But that turned out to be difficult because there wasn’t a free seat in sight. There were, however, plenty of unoccupied chairs that remained so for a long time. Students will just put their books and laptops unattended for what seems like hours at a time in order to reserve a spot because they know it’ll be too crowded later. But it’s so crowded because people leave their stuff there. Sets my teeth on edge.

But there were enough unoccupied armchairs for me to settle down, read a bit of the New York Times, and look at modules I might want to take next semester. Good news is that both of the food science modules I want to take are on Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving Monday and Friday free so far for traveling!

So I went back to the apartment, did some laundry and some outlining for my drama reflection (which is due next Tuesday but I need to turn it in by Friday since I’ll be in Sweden on Tuesday) and cooked myself a snack of veggie breakfast sausage and a spiegelei on spinach. Breakfast for snack, snacks for lunch, and dessert for breakfast.

I went to my penultimate English lecture, which was a little shorter and smaller than usual, then went back to snack more, work, and do laundry. I made dinner and brought it down to Apartment 8 to watch The Hobbit. The first time I saw it was around the holidays, so it has holiday nostalgic appeal for me and I was so happy to watch it. I only got through maybe the first half-hour though so I could do laundry and get an early bedtime. I did not procrastinate getting to bed tonight.


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