Day 96 (and catch-up)

My apologies for the lack of posts since Wednesday! I have been busy with getting my final drama project together, but also not feeling that well and therefore not feeling like writing. I’m getting better, and it’s definitely true that I can write when I’m ill, but I’ve been trying to rest as much as possible while staying on track for these finals, since I’m traveling in Sweden this week. And the blog was just a sacrifice I had to make.

So, here’s the recap of my life since my last post:

Wednesday morning was good. I went on a good run in freezing (literally 0º centigrade) weather, discovered a new scaffold on my street, got a large chunk of my drama reflection paper done in Alchemy where my pal Teya found me; she was also blitzing an essay.

I went to my last English lecture, then made the walk to the hotel where I was to be picked up. One prominent figure in the Munster Jewish community had died, and his funeral was this afternoon. I’d never met him but I was grateful to the community for being so welcoming to me, so I decided it would be worthwhile to show my support. It was my first funeral and shiva. The shiva felt a little odd, like a house party, which wasn’t what I expected. But I’m glad I went.

Thursday, the only thing I really remember is going to my last food legislation class and beginning to feel sick, with my scratchy throat and nausea and sniffling. I tried to make eggnog but I lost track of it and it spilled and burned. I did salvage most of it, though.

Friday was a lot of loafing around. I woke up, went back to sleep, and spent the day eating penne and veggie soup leftover from the day before. Having throat irritation really killed my appetite but I figured that not eating wouldn’t heal me any faster. I fought the urge to eat ice cream and drink hot chocolate, which were the only two foods I really want when sick but I knew that dairy and sugar can slow down recovery from a cold. I caved though; at the end of the day when I was video chatting with my good friend Katie I finished what was left in my carton of One Sweet World. No regrets, my friends. I also applied to an internship.

Saturday morning I applied to another internship, had coffee with a bit of leftover eggnog in it (yay eggnog latte), and packed. I also tried to make bubble tea which didn’t work out so well this time. Next time I’ll be sure to give the bubbles more boiling time.

I set out for the bus in my parka. There was practically no traffic congestion so I got to the airport very early, and security lines were very short so I had plenty of time before boarding. My appetite was still not great but I bought a salad because I knew it might be one of my only chances to get some vegetables today, and I did feel better after eating.

There was only 45 minutes, aka no time at all, between my two flights but I made it to the gate just before last call although the shuttle left pretty late anyway. Once I had landed in Stockholm Arlanda airport, all that was left to do was to get to the hotel (in the mall part of the airport), check in, and get into bed.


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