Day 97

Feeling: tired, congested, warm bathwater
Seeing: a large airport shopping mall
Tasting: pickled herring in mustard, swedish pancake with lots of berries, miso soup
Hearing: the blaring hotel room phone
Smelling: green tea with a hint of brown rice

I woke up around nine, and whether that was enough sleep for me or not, I knew that I should get my included breakfast before it closed at half ten. The range of foods that they had there was delightful. There was the hot section, with sausages, scrambled and boiled eggs (9-minute eggs), and pancakes. There were six different kinds of yogurts and a variety of muesli and toppings. There was a deli section with smoked salmon, pickled herring, and fresh fruit and veggies. And the bakery good included knäckebröd, rye bread, and mini pastries.

I ate more than I usually would for breakfast, like I always tend to do at hotel buffets, and went back into my room and lay down for a bit. After all, I should take as much rest as possible now so I could enjoy traveling later. I took a bath, something I rarely do, which helped me feel a good deal better.

I checked out a little over an hour before my train was supposed to arrive, bought some necessary items like a UK to most of the EU-converter. I sat in a Japanese restaurant and sipped some miso soup because I wasn’t very hungry and it was cheap and soothing.

I had to take two trains, one to Stockholm Central and one to Gothenburg. I’d bought first-class tickets for the journey there because they cost only a little more than second, and it was very nice. Well, except for the first twenty minutes of the journey when I got on the wrong car and had to wait before I could go to my right one, but the journey went smoothly after that. I read The Language Wars and listened to podcasts.

One of my hosts, Jon, met me at the station and took me on the tram to his and his family’s apartment. Jon and Lydia were family friends of ours in Leuven, Belgium, and now lived in Gothenburg. They’d very kindly offered to host me; in fact, they gave me a room all to myself.


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