Day 99

Perhaps inspired by the runners last night, I attempted a run around the neighborhood of high-rises. It was my first time using Strava, an app meant to track one’s running and cycling. I’m not much of a runner, and I’ve been separated from my bike, but I’ve been on a running kick (no wordplay intended) and since Strava is a Swedish app, I figured I’d try. Oh, and my very nutritious post-run fuel was the cinnamon bun (kanelbulle) that I picked up from last night’s deli stop. It was stale but some microwaving with a bit of water freshened it up.

I got out the door earlier than I had yesterday, but still kinda late. My plan was to go visit an island. I didn’t know which, or what I’d do there, I just knew which tram took me to the bus terminal and that I could use the same pass that I use on the trams for the boats. I took the next boat leaving, and got off when I saw everyone else getting off. Looked like I was going to Donsö.

It was quiet there. It didn’t appear to be a bustling city, more of a neighborhood with a harbor, a few restaurants, and a guesthouse. I took my leftover salmon and shrimp wrap and ate it on the dockside. I found a path in a parklike area with a small bit of coast. It was about half three and the sun was beginning to set. I walked in the other direction and found a nice walking path, but didn’t dwell too long there because I had seen that a boat was coming soon and another wouldn’t come for an hour. Oh, and there are no cars on Donsö or I think any of the islands. People use bikes, golf carts, and these odd motorized reverse-trike scooters. I saw a few vans from businesses but that’s about it. It felt funny waiting for this boat to dock, because we were all sitting in or leaning against a wind shelter like for a bus, except the bus was coming by water.

I tried to visit this park, Slottsskogen, that Lydia and Jon had recommended to me. It had a free zoo with Nordic animals. But it was dark and I was tired, so I headed back to the apartment to prepare for the next day.


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