Swede Review #11: Kex

When I arrived in my guest bedroom in Gothenburg, there was a cornucopia of Swedish candy on the bedside table. So you know that there are Swedish sweet reviews coming your way. The biggest of the bunch was a stack of three Kex bars, which appeared to be layers of wafers enrobed in chocolate. On my train ride back to the airport, I saw a uniformed service member carrying a stack of three Kex and a coffee, so I figured I should have mine with coffee as well.

IMG_1411.JPGI had some on the train first though, because the stress was intense and how could I resist that crisp yellow parcel?

It’s a blunt bar, like a Kit Kat but even more straightforward. Like a Kit Kat has a thicker top layer of chocolate, then two thin bars of wafer. This is just a big ole stack of layers of wafer and chocolate, weakly sectioned into four parts for breakability. I took advantage of this by dipping it into coffee; it melted nicely and the biscuit soaked up some coffee.

The chocolate is clearly quality for a common candy bar, not too waxy but still has that sheen. If I had another I would take two (or four) of the sections and make an ice cream sandwich with them.

Well, there’s not much more to say about this bar. If you like crisp with a shell of milk chocolate, you’ll like Kex*.

*My Finnish friend Lari says the K is softer than how we say it in English, but harder than a “ch.”


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