Day 111

Hearing: the amazing score of Rogue One, my playlist of songs I listened to this summer
Tasting: my cold Bramley apple cake, a very bland falafel wrap
Smelling: roasted parsnips
Seeing: the city of Cork almost completely dark before five p.m., the Christmas market on Grand Parade jam-packed with pedestrians
Feeling: sore quads, more energetic than usual during my run, weather that is surprisingly warm (no need for gloves!)

I had another late start. But my morning was still good– spending too much time in bed, attempting to read Gigi, going for a run, and cooking myself a vegetarian Irish breakfast that ended up being eaten after noon.

I actually didn’t end up seeing Rogue One yesterday, as I knew it would be 3 EUR cheaper to see a matinee the next day. It was a case in which going solo was probably a good idea, as the theatre was very crowded. But I didn’t have to sit next to a stranger and got a good seat. And my goodness, what a fantastic movie. I won’t put any spoilers here of course, but I will strongly recommend that you all go see it.

I stopped by a sports shop on the way home to get a yoga mat so I could finally have my own practice without destroying my lower back and wrists. Plus it might double as an exercise mat– with colder weather on the way, I’ll be a lot less likely to want to go outside for exercise.

I also stopped at the falafel stand in the Christmas market because I was craving some good vegetarian Med food. It was chilly out, and I was hungry, so of course I enjoyed munching on a warm wrap on my way home. But I doubt I’ll be going back to that stand in the future.

I told myself that I would get an earlier bedtime than I had the past two nights, but I ended up doing a lot of drawing and listening to music and not wanting to stop. Oops. Plus Brian got out of his Ravens gig around the time I would have been going to sleep, and I didn’t want to stop talking to him.


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