Day 112

Tasting: the ginger-sesame-soy sauce I made for my fried rice
Smelling: brown rice cooking, my new yoga mat
Feeling: cold leftover haddock, a light backpack on my shoulders
Seeing: Christmas lights hung my my living room, the O’Rahilly building, my friends’ names on my phone screen
Hearing: my winter playlist, the voice-over narration on Wizard People, Dear Reader

It was kind of a slow day because I’m still in mega-unwind mode, but I did get my final English paper turned in. And an upside of waking up later is that I don’t have to wait as long for my friends in America to wake up as well.

At night, some USAC people and I went out for a tradition called “The Twelve Pubs of Christmas” at which every pub has its own rule that people are supposed to follow while there. I ended up getting tired and ditching after pub #3, but hung out with some friends in Apartment Eight.


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