Swede Review #12: Salted Licorice Pipe


I was simultaneously very pleased and slightly revolted to find a candy called “Skipper’s Pipes” among the heap of sweets on the bedside table. Salted licorice was on the “I’m pretty sure those are Swedish but I can’t remember the difference between this Western European country and that one” list. So I guess it was time for some demystifying.

Disclaimer: I’m generally a black licorice fan. I don’t really like anise as a flavor by itself, but middle school me once went through half a box of Panda in a sitting, then when I was informed that eating too much licorice could cause potassium deficiency, chased it down with a hand of bananas. And that was, perhaps ironically, how I got over my subtle dislike of bananas.

I guess the sprinkles are essential to show that it’s lit.

The texture was wonderfully soft. I tried to hold it between my teeth like a real pipe but could do so for long because of how easily I bit through it.

And I now understand why anyone would add salt to licorice. The saltiness cuts through that somewhat menthol-like invasiveness of licorice. I still don’t understand, however, why it’s a pipe or why it came attached to a wooden spoon/knife (spife?) device.


I’ll be in my study, contemplating that.


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