Sweet Review #13: Mcvitie’s Digestives Frosty Mint Slice

I try to be pretty open-minded when it comes to linguistic differences, but there are certain weak spots that turn me into a total grammar dictator. Like pronouncing “sandwiches” as “sangwiches.” Unsurprisingly, one of the most irritating words that I encountered here had to do with pastries. Well, there was the struggle to get myself to say “scohne” after years of training myself to say “skawn,” but that’s a minor blip compared to this. It was slice.

Now you might be saying, IJ, maybe a slice is just a pastry that’s unique to this and other British empire countries. And to that I say, maybe, but I think I know what a bar is when I see one. Bars are rectangular, baked in a rectangular pan, and cut from that pan. Usually they have some kind of pastry base with something softer on top, like jam or curd or ganache. And that’s what they call a “slice” here. I don’t know what’s irritating about the word– maybe it feels weird to say “a caramel slice” instead of “a slice of caramel.”

But I try to keep an open mind. And I’m not going to kid anyone by saying the caramel slices don’t look good.

So just as I’m getting over this gross, earth-destroying prejudice of mine, I see the Mcvitie’s logo on a box of something called “Frosty Mint Slice.” They ground up Digestives into a crust, aka they took the world’s laziest pastry crust and packaged it? They had the nerve to call these pre-packaged bars “slices”? I had to try it.

The mint flavor was indeed frosty, and this didn’t exactly mesh with the Digestive biscuits. Congrats Mcvities, you finally found a flavoring that doesn’t go with your bland-ass biscuit.

Oh, and the use of milk chocolate is something I can’t exactly get down with either, when it comes to mint. The dark chocolate just works so well. You have the deep dark chocolate with a lightning strike of mint through it, whereas milk chocolate seems to weaken the combination.

All that being said, they tasted pretty good baked into the brownie I made for my friend’s birthday (that’s right, biscuits baked into slices baked into a brownie, which was, in turn, sliced), and I saved one to eat with coffee some day. But you’d be much better off following one of the countless Tastemade/Tasty videos that could instruct you to make something much yummier.


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