Day 115, plus catch-up from the last few days

Smelling: Jackie Lennox’s, milk in black tea
Tasting: Cotton Ball stout, my apple-cinnamon rosette, blood from my lip
Hearing: conversation among the Steele family
Feeling: drowsy, hazy, chilly
Seeing: sunlight stream in through my window

Whoops, sorry for being so peripatetic and inconsistent. I don’t even have a real excuse of being busy this time, as my days have been pretty unstructured for a while now.

There is some regularity though: waking up much later than usual, like around 9 or so (“Wow, that’s sooooo late,” Brian sarcastically commented). This is due to my staying up later than usual since people are always going out for someone’s last night and I want to give them a good farewell. I am still waking up early but have enough exhaustion/willpower/lack thereof to get up to make myself go back to sleep repeatedly.

I baked cinnamon apple rosette on Wednesday. I didn’t quite know what I was making until I started, due to my neglect to read the directions. First I thought it was another apple cake, then when I saw that yeast was involved I thought it was a sweet bread with apples throughout, then when I saw that I had to roll out the dough and fill it up with cinnamon-apple filling, I thought I had to spiral that roll out in a round pan. Then I saw that I was to slice the roll as if I were making cinnamon rolls, and place those in a round pan. I instead decided to bake two separate ones in my loaf tins, and squish the rolls together to make a loaf.

So this morning Laura kindly walked with me to deliver one loaf to the reception desk, and one to Mary’s house. Mary wasn’t in when we arrived, but her daughter Mags invited us in for tea. Laura had to go to pick up the car for her parents (they were driving to Dingle the following day), but I accepted her kind offer for tea and to try the loaf I’d just baked. I was satisfied with it. It was like challah with little bits of Bramley apple tucked into it.

I worked more on my painting projects, which made it hard to get up from my desk when Laura and I decided to go out to get a “6 before 6” deal at an Asian street food restaurant. We got delicious katsu curries (chicken for her, tofu for me) that came in cardboard cartons but could be emptied into actual bowls on the table.

We went up to a pub that Laura’d wanted to try for a while to meet her friend Ayano from her nutrition class, another American who came from Folsom, California. This was only Ayano’s third beer since coming to Ireland. So there was an American student who’d drunk even less beer than I had here.

Since Laura was the last one in her apartment, we worked to bring up to my apartment all the stuff she was bequeathing to Erin and me. I put away the stuff that needed putting away immediately, then rolled into bed where I Skyped with Brian for a bit. I made the mistake of pulling my blankets close to me while lying down and with my laptop sitting on top, and the bottom of it jammed into my lip. I’m not sure if the situation was made better or worse by Brian being there to see it.


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