Day 116

Smelling: mulling wine and hot chocolate
Feeling: a bit of a headache and grogginess
Seeing: my rainbow twinkly lights in the living room
Hearing: very loud wind outside the window
Tasting: milk chocolate, oat bread

I didn’t leave the house today, hurray. And with the storm that I woke up to, I wasn’t exactly fixing to do so either.

The only person I talked to face-to-face was Teya, who came up to give me more leftover food and cleaning supplies. I spent a lot of time today putting away that extra stuff. She said she was gonna get her last drink and Jackie’s tonight, and I said I’d tag along if she wanted someone to, but I knew I wouldn’t be feeling it and she went by herself anyway. Plus I had no cash and didn’t feel like eating chips (or really anything) after my fried rice and hot chocolate which I ended up eating at dinner.

Today was nice. I did hella yoga in the morning and that really set a good mood for the day. I decided to direct my energy at painting rather than baking, since if I bring back these cookies to the States (and what else would I do with them) they should be as fresh as possible. I listened to Vertical by Animal Collective and Currents by Tame Impala, first time listening to both of those bands. I liked the former but not so much the latter. Also listened to our Definitely for that playlist and ANTI by Rihanna, which was incredible.


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