Swede Review #14: Marabou milk chocolate

When I met my Swedish friend Sarah from Belgium for fika, we reminisced about how good Belgian chocolate is. “Swedish people think their chocolate is so great,” she scoffed. “It’s good, but nothing like Belgian chocolate.” This made me curious about Swedish chocolate, though. Sarah told me to look for a brand called Marabou.

When I went to the nighttime Christmas market, I wanted to try a spin on one of the chocolate wheels, and the first one I saw was Marabou. I won nothing, but it’s the effort that counts, right? Kidding, there’s no effort in those games.

So on my way out of the country, when I had a few sweaty minutes before my train between Stockholm Central Station and Airport departed, I bought a little 50-kronor Marabou milk chocolate bar, the kind of thing you eat as fika. Between the Kex, the protein bar, and the smoothie I had, I didn’t need any sugar right then and there. It was small enough to stow away in my backpack til I had a coffee to enjoy it with properly.

That turned out to be this morning. I was considering not doing any review at all for this, but I think it’s worth it just to show you how cute the bar is.

So it’s not as “pure”-tasting as Belgian dark, nor as caramel-tasting as Swiss milk. But it has a nice sweetness that isn’t overbearing unless your coffee was as weak as this one was. The melt was fantastic.

And because coffee isn’t enough, I used it in my hot chocolate later that night.


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