Day 117

Smelling: cinnamon
Seeing: rain on the window
Hearing: wind whistling, Animal Collective
Feeling: a bit sore in the hips, very cozy
Tasting: chocolate rice and oat porridge

Things that are great about Christmas: being cozy, having twinkly lights up, being cozy next to the twinkly lights, warm beverages, making cookies, chillin with the fam. All of those things I did today. I mean I didn’t actually chill with anyone beyond a long FaceTime convo with my family. But I made the most of the day in that way. I worked on my suitcase re-packing.

Yoga and drawing and baking cinnamon-chocolate-almond jam cookie kept me occupied and I had plenty of food to snack on throughout the day. And now I feel done with Christmas and would like to go home now please.


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