Day 118

Smelling: the ginger and onion in my sweet potato latkes
Feeling: warm and balmy wind tired of sitting, a bit crampy in my back
Tasting: scrambled eggs with sharp cheddar cheese
Seeing: light rain outside my window
Hearing: bells for Mass toll

This morning I tried to use up more of the leftover food from my fridge/pantry: so two scrambled eggs with plenty of sharp cheddar, and some avocado on oat bread. I picked up the bread in a specialty store a couple of nights ago, and it’s very interesting. I wonder why oats are so mild when boiled, but turn so dark (in color and taste) when baked or fried. The only grain in the bread is oats (41%), but the first ingredient is milk. And there’s a goat on the package so I wonder if it’s goat milk.

I went on a short walk to get cash (just in case I need it tomorrow) and there were actually plenty of people walking to church, but very few cars. I also heard so many people speaking what I’m sure is some Slavic language.

I made latkes with the sweet potato that Teya gave me, and I ate every single one. I was surprised how little grease splattering there was– I didn’t get a single burn!

Okay, well. My recent posts have been a lot less detailed than they were at the start, which is kind of ironic since I don’t have class anymore. But I’m looking forward to the next semester. I’m sure I’ll post about my goals for next semester sometime before it starts. Until then!


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