Day 2.1

Feeling: sore legs and throat, heavy eyelids
Seeing: the green fields of Cork from my window
Smelling: my apartment building
Hearing: Cork accents again
Tasting: flavorful salads from Rocket Man, fig bar

I woke up on a Boeing-747 at a time that was probably in the middle of the night for the eastern US and mid-morning for Ireland. Warm croissants were served, which I dipped in the blueberry yogurt that they gave us.

The weird thing about Heathrow was that the Departures sign said that it would announce the gate of my flight to Cork ten minutes after my boarding pass said boarding would start. Whatever. So I snacked at a rotating sushi bar and played Undertale on my laptop in the departures lounge.

The flight from London to Cork went fine and I napped for a bit, then upon arriving in Ireland I noticed that there were several other young American women in the immigration line who were studying abroad. They were each distinctly American in different ways.

I was lucky that I caught a bus to city center just as I was about to leave the airport (since they only come every half-hour) and even luckier that I could use my student fare card for a discount. I bought a salad for takeaway for dinner that night, although I ended up more tired and hungry than I expected and I just ate a ton of granola because I had that around. Guess I’ll have to go grocery shopping tomorrow. And I watched a ton of Community and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend because those aren’t on American Netflix. I was just trying to stay up til nine, which succeeded.


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