Day 2.2

Smelling: whole-wheat bread baking
Seeing: snow falling in front of my face and outside my window, green grass around the Loch
Tasting: my first sake
Hearing: some spooky Undertale music
Feeling: still messed up in the left shoulder, so foggy in my head

You ever have one of those days where you don’t want to go outside, you self-depreciatingly tell everyone that you’re not gonna even get out of bed, and you end you running multiple errands and socially going out? That was my and Erin’s day. I’d woken up at 11:30 after having gone to bed around ten, and I wouldn’t have gotten up if it weren’t so close to noon.

I didn’t even have my constant standby of oats or almond milk, so even porridge wasn’t an option this morning. However, I still had granola, which I ate by the handful, and some strawberry protein powder kindly left to me by Marley. Balanced breakfast, I hope.

I made “batter bread,” which was basically a wet bread dough that required little kneading. In between rising times, I spent a few hours watching Community but mostly playing UNDERTALE, when Erin mentioned that she was going to the grocery store so I made her wait a few minutes for me to change out of my sweatpants and into my slightly more-presentable trousers. I really did need groceries. I had the Deliveroo webpage open in my browser just in case I would want to get breakfast(? lunch?) delivered, because the rain and wind wasn’t exactly inviting me outside. But when we did go outside it began to snow. Guess that weather had to follow me across the Atlantic (says the Marylander who got two inches of snow a few days ago).

Once we were back, we posted in our newly-made Facebook group that we had lots of free stuff given to us from last semester, and the five new inhabitants of Apartment Five paid us a visit. Oddly, like last semester’s Five, all of them seemed to have this certain vibe togetherness that made us predict they’ll be fast friends. They were very friendly and I tried my best to return the friendliness despite how tired and disoriented I felt.

Erin and I really wanted sandwiches from the co-op, but the long chat had distracted us. We still made it there before closing, though there was just one bagel left. So we went halfsies on a quiche and a bagel, and they were delicious.

There was an International Students Society social that night at a local bar that was way too small to hold all the Americans who ended up there, but Erin and I met up with a few USAC-ers and other Americans for a little bit. They hadn’t eaten, so I took them to the first restaurant I went to in Cork, a sushi place that I knew would be open late. I didn’t end up getting any food but split a sake (my first!) with Erin. I got to know the people sitting around me and answered their questions about the place to the best of my ability.

I tried going to sleep on time, but that didn’t happen tonight. Well, I guess I have time to work on that for the new year.


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