Day 2.3

Feeling: warm, dry laundry, sore lower body
Smelling: my herby laundry detergent, Cork-roasted coffee
Seeing: a full moon, light reflecting off wet sidewalks
Tasting: vegan korma, blueberry pancakes
Hearing: some awesome UNDERTALE music

Today was a day of, as I like to call it, “mad chilling,” but I got plenty of things done as well. Things like making my own French press coffee and blueberry pancakes, doing a batch of laundry in which things dry completely, practicing some piano, buying an ice cube tray and a travel mug from Flying Tiger, and giving away bedding to people who need it.

Practicing piano was frustrating, though. To change that, I was thinking about getting a piano and/or voice teacher this semester, but what if I never get to practice because of how frequently I travel?

But who needs to think about that? when you can watch several episodes of Community and play several hours of UNDERTALE and start watching A Series of Unfortunate Events.


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