Day 2.4

Smelling: mushrooms roasting
Feeling: better in my shoulder, full of energy and urge to walk
Tasting: a poached egg with vegetables, coffee that tastes like booze but has none
Hearing: the echo in my high-ceilinged practice room
Seeing: sidewalks that are still filthy after rain

Things I forgot I’ve been doing in Ireland: waking up to an alarm, and riding a coffee buzz for hours. I did both today. The alarm was necessary because this semester’s USAC breakfast was this morning, and the coffee buzz came because the breakfast is free and therefore so is the coffee.

Erin and I were both slightly dismayed when we went downstairs and saw that the gallery’s café was not arranged into one long line of tables, but that *gasp* we had to separate into small groups of 3-6 and seat ourselves like café patrons. It was then that I noticed how different this semester started to feel overall. Last fall, we connected over the summer via Facebook, and several of us did the Early Start program during late summer. And between Early Start and the fact that most of us arrived far before the start of classes, we hit the ground chatting on WhatsApp.

Nevertheless, the Apartment Five girls (minus one who was ill) found Erin and me and managed to cram into a small spot. I felt a little bad because it felt kinda cliquey, and part of me was considering sitting down in an empty spot with strangers. Well, I had my chance to meet and greet a few people as we walked from the gallery to the city center to complete the scavenger hunt. I decided not to partake in the hunt, but went to the English Market to buy baps (bread rolls) and went straight back to my apartment to clean up the kitchen and my room.


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