Day 2.5

Seeing: some views of the islands, cathedral, and wind turbines from the many hills in Cobh
Smelling: a dank church interior
Hearing: voices of new people directing their photoshoots
Feeling: the soft short hair of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy, a shoulder making more progress in healing, tired and sore in my lower back and legs
Tasting: my first Badger & Dodo coffee, my first hot port

Here was another day on which I didn’t get enough sleep the night before, and had to wake up to an alarm in order to make an appointment at 11.

Erin went downstairs before me. When I went to the courtyard, I saw a group of young women who I didn’t know or recognize waiting there with Erin. Turns out that two separate groups of students in our apartment building decided to go to Cobh today!

I was finally going to Cobh today. Cobh is a nearby town that’s very easy to get to by train, and I’m sure every student abroad last semester went there. But I kept putting off going. I remember that at orientation, our leader didn’t hype up Cobh as much as Kinsale– like, they just added on a Cobh trip because the Kinsale one was full, didn’t call Cobh “charming” like she did for Kinsale, etc. But I actually enjoyed this trip a little better. It felt much less touristy, and the fact that it was a Sunday made it a lot more peaceful.

After visiting the heritage museum, which covers the history of the Titanic and some of the Irish diaspora since Cobh was the last port of call for the ship, we went into town for lunch. Not much was open, but not much was there to begin with. Thankfully the Yellow Door Café, which I had a sense was recommended to me at some point, was open for brunch. I realized later that I’d followed their Instagram or Facebook page. One of the people at my table tried a “mini brekkie,” otherwise known as a Full Irish Breakfast, for the first time. I tried little bites of her black and white puddings for the first time. The other group of Americans found us in there too.

We hiked up the road under that archway (which is part of the library).

We spent lots of time photographing the beautiful, Ghibli-esque views and each other. The cathedral was beautiful inside and out, and the sky looked like daybreak the whole day. There was hardly any wind and no precipitation. We took our time and by the time we got on the train back to Cork, the sun had set.


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