Day 2.6

Smelling: post-rain sidewalk
Hearing: too-loud traffic, my mom’s voice and my dog’s barking through FaceTime
Seeing: closed curtains in my living room
Tasting: roasted Brussels sprouts, salted caramel-filled dark chocolate
Feeling: too tired, fewer aches

Although today was the first day of classes for the university, it was not my first day of classes for me. I painstakingly engineered my timetable to not give me any Monday or Friday classes in order to maximize weekend travel opportunities. So today was another day of lazing around for me.

Well, I wasn’t a complete potato. After drinking some hot chocolate and calling my family for my mom’s birthday, I did go to the practice room for a bit, and I took care of some academic tasks like prewriting for my Arts Scholars capstone project. I’ve decided on making a graphic journal of the trips I’ve done while abroad. Thing is, even though I’ve been making comics for a very long time, I’ve never made a novel-sized work, nor have I ever used any digital software for making one. So I’m wondering how I’m going to go about that. If anyone reading this knows how, hit me up.

The evening was basically Sunday evening but on a Monday, so I guess that’ll be my week from now on. As in, it was watching A Series of Unfortunate Events and eating lots of chocolate.


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