Day 2.7

Feeling: that simultaneous head+stomachache, very warm, light mist falling
Tasting: sweet basil pasta with falafel, my own French press coffee
Seeing: the back alleys route to the practice room at night
Hearing: dance music that is too loud
Smelling: new classrooms

First day of classes! With my first one at nine, I woke up well before my 8 o’clock alarm and made myself coffee with leftover hot chocolate, creating something resembling a mocha I hope. I actually felt well-rested, so I wasn’t in desperate need of coffee, but I was just excited to have it.

My first class was Celtic Languages, in which we don’t actually learn any Celtic languages but we do learn about the sociolinguistics and history. We have an hour of lecture, then an hour break, then another lecture because that’s just how it works sometimes. It’s a small class and the lecturer is pretty cool and speaks very quickly, unsurprisingly.

Then I have food quality. The first lecture was almost identical to my first food quality lecture last semester. I hope not everything is identical, despite how much easier it could make the class. But I think that since it’s a 4000-level class instead of the fall’s 3000, it will end up being more challenging.

I rushed to the drama building for my two-hour lecture and no one was there. I did not receive any notice about this. Typical UCC theatre class. I rounded off the school day with my first history lecture. Apparently our professor is a famous “Cork historian” (as he puts it) which is ironic since his accent indicates that he is from North America. He had to leave after just twenty minutes of introduction to catch a train, so I just loafed around in bed and Skyped with Brian and played games for most of the evening before heading out to “Drink and Draw” across town.

There’s a meetup group that goes by that name that organizes bar socials where people do just that– hang out and draw. I figured it was a good way to get out of the house and do something that I’d do anyway. Two other USAC-ers came with me, although since one of them had an early class I ended up staying later than them.

Once I came back to my place that could have been the end of my night, but Erin and two of our pals were going to try going out. I went along with them, but that ended up being not a great decision. I got headachey and we could hardly get in anywhere. I always thought Irish going-out started so much later than American, and it does, but we went out too late. Gotta find that sweet spot.


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