Day 2.8

Feeling: heavy and tired, the chew of gummi candies, a bit heartbroken
Smelling: pasta cooking
Tasting: Twizzlers, iced coffee with almond milk
Hearing: Jon Hamm’s and Jon Warburton’s voices, my jazz ensemble trying to get it together for our first rehearsal since winter break
Seeing: Lancaster Quay at night

I’m going to start right off by saying that it was not a good day. It wasn’t terrible! The weather was nice and I got some important tasks done, and I watched an episode of Black Mirror with the Sci-fi Society. As with any congregation of nerds, it was simultaneously rowdy, cringey, and awkward, but overall a pleasant and worthwhile experience. Since it was Societies and Clubs day earlier that day, they had a bunch of sweets on their hands leftover from handing them out to the visitors. They had Twizzlers, which people didn’t like, but I enjoy them without a bit of irony. And while I didn’t expect to like the show, I really enjoyed the “White Christmas” episode.

But that was the end of the day. It started rough because of not getting enough sleep and a brief medical scare (I’m fine don’t worry), and I just felt exhausted and down all day. Nevertheless, I pushed myself to record my monologue from The Tempest for the conference that CSC is holding, and I’m always grateful to my roommate Erin for being such an awesome camerawoman.

Jazz ensemble wasn’t great. Besides the usual chaos and people not really knowing what we’re doing, and my usual exhaustion which was exceptional this time, no one seemed motivated to actually participate in some very simple blues comps.

I inquired about a possible summer internship, chatted with Brian, and passed out. I realized soon before going to bed that maybe part of the reason I was in such a bad mood today was because of losing Nick Delaney a year ago. I need to stop extending my days unnecessarily.


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