Day 2.9

Tasting: basil and tomato (aka the aroma of summer), strawberry protein powder
Seeing: the chips of broken glass on the sidewalk reflect light, the tears of my history professor reflect light
Smelling: some gawdawful interior of a fencing mask
Feeling: out-of-breath on the piste
Hearing: fencing drills

Today was supposed to be a day of casual grocery shopping, and subsequently brownie baking and gaming, followed by my first real history lecture and first fencing practice in two years. That’s pretty much how it went, except I felt like saving the brownies for another time and did some drawing instead.

For the groceries I went to one of the Asian markets and Lidl, a discount grocery store. So I ended up not getting any Greek yogurt, tofu, or almond milk, but I guess I can always pop over to SuperValu when I need those.

Fast forward through my day to 7:30, when I went to fencing practice. As you may know, I used to fence but quit two years ago, and thought maybe now was a good time to give it another go– just for fun, no pressure of competition.

The other members there were very pleased to have another experienced fencer! I was welcomed right away and ushered over to the other women foilists after warm-ups. This means that I didn’t get to meet a bulk of the other people that were there, but it felt nice to feel like I was making instant friends and teammates. And I was alright at reffing despite never having been a great ref in the past.

When I went back to my place I should have gone to bed right away but ended up staying up a little too late talking to Brian. But hey, earlier than I have been, so there’s progress. Plus I plan on doing things in the evening this weekend, so I shouldn’t get used to bed too early I guess.


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