Day 2.10

Feeling: numb in the lower half of my body
Tasting: shiitake and bok choy dumplings
Seeing: a new part of the neighborhood I didn’t know about before
Smelling: the heater, Jackie Lennox’s
Hearing: the “Spider Fight” song over and over

I’m sparing you a retelling of most of my day, because most of my day was gaming. Yeah, I know, I’m becoming that guy, right? Except it wasn’t getting so absorbed in an intense part of a story that kept me on so long– it was this one boss battle that I had been hacking at for days. It wasn’t until I had posted on the Facebook group for help that I figured a simple mechanism that, combined with my way too in-depth knowledge of this part of the game, could allow me to survive it.

I did do other things though, I promise! I tried out this vegan brownie recipe, only I didn’t have (or even want to use) the coconut oil it required so I used some real butter and the leftover non-dairy butter that was left to my apartment by some leaving students. I think if I had forgone the non-dairy stuff (and added more chocolate chunks) it would have tasted better to me, but the people who I invited to try my creation seemed to like them. And I was trying to get rid of the fake butter since it was wasting precious fridge space.

It was another one of those days that I should have ended in a timely manner, but I wanted to Rabbit A Series of Unfortunate Events with Brian. It was definitely worth it, just to hear his voice. And I did get to bed earlier than the night previous. But I need to work on healthy sleep habits, and uh, better health habits in general. But hey, Drumpf got inaugurated today so let me spend my Friday loafing however I want.


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