Day 2.13

Feeling: exhausted to the point of nausea
Smelling: onions and black pepper frying in olive oil
Hearing: a kitchen full of Spaniards chatting
Tasting: banana on bread with dark chocolate spread and yogurt
Seeing: the cool hip modern interior of my bank

I’m proud of what I accomplished today. Nothing extraordinary I guess, but I made use of a class-free day. Started out with some yoga to take care of myself, then off to get groceries and buy laundry tokens. Then going into town to finally set up my online banking and then to practice.

Practicing jazz has been going better since the practice rooms have gotten touched up a bit, and since I’ve been (you know) actually practicing. I’m actually very excited for my final performance, as bleak as our rehearsals may have been.

Once I got back to my apartment I made some soup for dinner and then ran off to fencing practice. I realized that the three weapons take turns each week for who goes “on piste” for training and who does drills, so this week was drills. Both épée and foil were drilling this evening so I decided to try épée drills. The épée captain (I think that’s his role?) was very impressed with me and he already feels like a coach of sorts, even though I haven’t met the real coach yet. It feels good to get some positive attention in fencing. Who am I kidding, it feels good to get any attention in fencing.

Quitting fencing three years ago was due to a combination of factors, but lack of coaching and team support was a major one. This feels like an actual college team and I am excited for it. The training rounded off with some very intense bodyweight circuit training. But it feels worth it for fencing.


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