Day 2.14

Hearing: the fire alarm go off three times within an hour
Smelling: fields burning (apparently)
Tasting: chocolate cake with some delicious vanilla gelato
Feeling: stomachache from eating too fast, very tired
Seeing: the inside of the drama studio

Another long Tuesday. Let’s go. Except this time, I’ll get to actually be in my drama class! Right?

Well, after my Celtic languages lectures (those get my heart racing just like any coffee I swear) between which I got to talk with a still-awake Nehuen, I dashed back to my apartment for a quick lunch and back out to get to my food science lecture. The lecture was actually pretty interesting (it was about acids and enzymes found in fruits) but my professor decided to go all the way to the end of the hour, which isn’t standard for UCC profs.

So I was worried I’d be late to my drama class, but as it turns out I had already missed an hour of it. An hour and a half, by the time I actually found the place. It was a *terrifying* experience walking in and seeing students my own age act like middle schoolers, too, but those details are not for this post.

So after my history lecture and some cooling down, it was time for our welcome dinner. Even though I wanted to sit with the friends I’d made already, I did make an effort to meet new people (success).


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