Day 2.16

Seeing: St Finbarr’s illuminated at night
Smelling: new tennis shoes
Tasting: grated chocolate on top of my latte
Hearing: the crunch of my tuna sandwich on Granary bread
Feeling: a constant small stomachache all day, soreness in my hamstrings right above my knees

Not everything went the way I expected it to today, but nothing went too badly. After waking up later than usual and making myself a vegetarian Irish breakfast, I set out to the international office to settle some confusion with my drama module. I’d picked out International Food Policy to replace it, as it would not conflict with anything as long as the timetable database was telling me the truth this time. I’m actually very excited for this class– it looks like it covers food security, so I’m keen on learning that.

I also needed to find some shoes for fencing as soon as possible so that my mum would know whether or not she’d have to ship mine to me. I ended up spending more time in city center than I initially thought I would, as each shoe required thorough analysis, which led to me not having enough time to go back to the apartment– which meant I hadn’t enough time to make my own lunch, wash my dishes or hair, or grab my chord charts for jazz later that day.

But I got a sandwich at Hassett’s, food science lecture went fine (basically a repeat of how last semester started), and someone lent me a chord chart at jazz ensemble. My improv that night went pretty well, too.


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