Day 2.17

Hearing: French being spoken as my plane takes off
Tasting: cold banana bread with chocolate chips
Feeling: sore front of my ankle, water falling from the bus’ sunroof to my seat
Seeing: some conifer trees on my route to Dublin airport
Smelling: cigarette smoke, the inside of Brussels airport, that Belgian smell

I got to Dublin airport much earlier than I needed to, as per usual, because it’s better to be safe I suppose. Which meant waking up very early and not getting enough sleep, but I got a substantial nap on the bus.

The flight and security and everything went fine, but there was a lot of confusion after I got to the airport. My friend who was hosting me, Marine, was supposed to meet me and bring me back to her place, but mistakenly took a bus that didn’t go all the way to the airport anymore. And her phone died, making it impossible for me to contact her. So once she got back to her place I ended up just taking  a taxi. These things happen, I guess.


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