Day 2.19

Seeing: the Grand Place lit up at night
Smelling: waffles in the street
Hearing: the crowd chanting “BUUUU-YOOO” at the Lucky Chops concert, Antigone in French
Tasting: some nice savory moules-frites
Feeling: the velvet in the lodge I was sitting in, sore back, Daro Behroozi’s soft shirt, a little bit of Josh Holcomb’s spit on my face

I left the Boman’s house pretty late today since I knew I’d be out late that night, but got to the theatre just in time. When I passed le Théâtre National du Parc and saw that they were showing Antigone, I knew I had to go. I’d never read it or seen it in English, but I was curious to see my first French-language play. And my seat, only 8 euro, was in a “loge,” which was those little balconies next to the stage. I’d never sat in one before!

I understood most of what was going on, and there was lots of choreography which made it visually appealing to watch even without language. The costumes were beige- and grey-colored, utilitarian modern pieces, and the stage was mostly undressed except for a door-shaped rectangle and a circle with a dot in the center, both lit up orange, that sometimes revealed themselves on the back wall.

When it was over, I found my way to the central station and then into some of the touristy shopping streets. Since I had some time to kill before meeting Vili, I looked around in a Pylones for a few minutes. I saw that they had the same glasses holders that I bought years ago, and still use.

I met Vili outside Bruxelles-Centrale and since I was looking for moules-frites, we went to a place that her parents recommended. It may have been a little touristy but my meal was delicious (even if I didn’t get any mayo with my frites; what country is this?). And seeing Vili was so nice! She’s almost done with high school and off to university, and we had great banter as usual.

She kindly walked me to the concert venue and we joked about neither of us knowing Brussels that well despite having lived here.

The concert was, of course, incredible. The opener was called VelotroniX, a percussion ensemble. The one member who spoke to the audience spoke Dutch, so I’m guessing they’re Flemish. Each member had their own individuality, and all together they had an awesome nerdy-cool vibe.

Lucky Chops, sadly, had no more Leo (the baritone saxophonist). They were still amazing onstage though, maybe because he takes up less spotlight and they worked together more. They played some new music that hadn’t been heard before (!) and some other great pieces like “Stand” (dedicated to the protestors at Standing Rock) and “Connie” (to Behroozi’s deceased music teacher). I know they recorded a lot recently so I can’t wait for that album.

And afterwards, I actually got to meet them! I think Buyo didn’t come out, but I met the four other members and they were all so kind seemed so pleasantly surprised that I saw them in Bristol too.


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