Day 2.20

Feeling: the light Belgian rain outside, Marine’s cat on my lap
Smelling: the plasticky Ryanair smell
Hearing: the Dutch and French (and sometimes English) stop announcements, some rowdy young passengers in the plane and on the bus back
Tasting: delicious herby pizza with a pastry-like crust, Belgian waffle, some of the chocolates that I bought
Seeing: the inside of a Carrefour

It was Monday, so Marine’s mom and sister were both at school. Marine and I shared breakfast and I considered going back out to one of the Royal Museums, but was deterred primarily by the fact that most museums were closed on Monday, and secondarily by the drizzle which made a good old-fashioned ramble less appealing. At least I lucked out with weather for the big chunk of my weekend! So yeah, I felt a little bad by not spending my last morning soaking up the city, but I really could benefit from some physical rest and some writing before setting out. Plus, Marine and I got to chat quite a bit over breakfast, coffee (and sampled some of my purchases from Saturday), and lunch.

Getting to the airport was pretty easy– walk to the metro, take the metro to the train station, take a train to the airport. One had to actually go through security (although not as thorough as actual airplane security) and scan the train ticket before entering the airport from the train station.

Even though I could insist on conversing in French in the city of Brussels, I forgot that in an international airport, English is just the best way to go, especially if it’s your native language. So that was the language I used for when my suitcase was examined and for buying the waffle that I didn’t buy in the city (oops).

The flight was only delayed by ten minutes but waiting felt like ages, especially with a small group of people (probably students) making an amount of noise disproportionate to the size of their group. There was the same problem on the bus back to Cork, too. At the risk of sounding like the uptight old person that I secretly am, I’m repeatedly shocked at what some fellow students seem to think is acceptable public behavior, especially on public transportation. But after the trek back to my bed, it was time to sleep off the grumpiness and look forward to starting my early morning with some good strong coffee.


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