Day 2.21

Feeling: tired, little appetite
Tasting: more of my chocolates, banana bread
Smelling: onions frying
Seeing: the newest episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the pretty lights and shiny surface of my apartment’s new router
Hearing: new songs by Chris Thile and Chris Mehldau

I managed to start my day on time and with some delicious strong coffee, although I got to my first class late. Still several minutes before the professor, though. The second linguistics lecture came with a “health warning,” as our professor likes to put it, as it was rather technical. But I found it fascinating and eye-opening nonetheless. The main thing I took away from it was that vocabulary is not a reliable way to determine how languages are related– you have to look at the structure of the language.

The rest of the day was pretty chill. It was filled with basic life-organizing stuff like cleaning my room and the kitchen, setting up my schedule, etc. And there may have been some Netflix and online shopping.

I’m just disappointed with how late I went to bed– I was tired at ten but found more distractions and actually started trying to sleep a little before midnight. This habit of going to sleep over an hour and a half after I’m tired needs to stop.


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