Day 2.22

Tasting: meat!, weak but still very good coffee
Feeling: a roasting-hot interior of a karaoke pod, sudden onset of hypoglycemia
Seeing: several cooking videos
Smelling: fertilizer all over town
Hearing: a room full of college fencers yelling oldies songs in unison, “Gentle Rain” improvisation

Guess who managed to do two of their powerlifts, by themself, not even first thing in the morning today? There’s at least one person who fits that bill: me. So I’m kinda proud of myself. I still could really use a coach or even just a workout partner to yell at me to keep my core braced and go deeper and stuff.

Food quality wasn’t terribly eventful– pretty boring, actually. But even though my food science lectures seem identical to the ones last semester, I realize the value of having the knowledge refreshed to my face. But jazz ensemble was another story.

Within the space of an hour, we had some emotional breakdowns, a false fire alarm, and by the end there was only me, one other student, and the teacher left. That’s all I’ll tell you for now.

Once returning to my apartment I had to set out again right away for the blogger kickoff of Cork Burger Festival. And yes, the sliders they so graciously gave us were meat, and yes, I ate them, and yes, they were delicious. I’m going to create separate posts for each burger/place I cover, so keep your eyes open! I think I’m gonna try to stay pescetarian and veggie, which limits my options quite a bit. But it also makes it so much easier to decide where to go. On the docket is Electric (fish), The Silly Goose (haloumi), Burger Shack (veggie), and the Woolshed (veggie). But they may change.

Then was the UCC fencing karaoke night. That was great craic. We all just kind of piled too many people in that room and shouted the songs together, but I got to hold the mic for “Living on a Prayer” and I couldn’t stop thinking of the “lemon on a pear” meme.


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