Cork Burger Festival: Electric Fish Bar

Fresh fish could come with a worse view. Not pictured due to darkness: the view.

Electric is my favorite happy-place restaurant that I rarely visit. It’s so conveniently located and the menu is essentially a list of “Things IJ Likes.” So if I’ve got even the slightest motivation to go, you know I will. Same for the roommate Erin, another pescetarian and foodie. So off to get burgers we went.

The fish bar, as the rest of the place, was uncrowded the whole time we were there. We took a look at the menu but nothing could deter us from our burger mission. And I’m glad we stuck with it. It’s essentially a fish and chips, but burger-ified.


For details, you can check out my Instagram. Summary: the haddock is perfect and buttery, peanuts on white fish is something I never considered but am glad to have, and the parmesan on potato wedges is the Correct Amount. Spoiler: I really, really like it.


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